Friday, December 30, 2016

Data analysis: every single book I read in 2016

Above: Primo Levi at his desk

In 2016, I read a total of 39 books. As best as I can determine, of these books...
  • 32 were written by men; 7, by women
  • 35 were written by white authors; 4, by authors of color
  • Of the non-white authors, 3 were Black and 1 was Latino 
  • 34 were originally written in English; 5, in a language other than English
  • Of the books translated from a language other than English, 1 was originally written in German, 1 in French, 1 in Russian, and 2 in Italian
  • 15 were fiction; 24 were non-fiction
  • 23 were books I read for the first time; 16 were books I had read at least once before
For the complete list, click here.

Every single book I read in 2016

Los Macheteros: The Wells Fargo Robbery and the Violent Struggle for Puerto Rican Independence-- Ronald Fernandez
The Thief Lord-- Cornelia Funke
Rising Sun-- Michael Crichton
Addie and the King of Hearts-- Gail Rock
Coma-- Robin Cook

Dealing or The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues-- "Michael Douglas"
The Plague-- Albert Camus
Gorky Park-- Martin Cruz Smith

The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther-- Jeffrey Haas
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold-- John Le Carre

The Village of Ben Suc-- Jonathan Schell
Dispatches-- Michael Herr
Panther Baby: A Life of Rebellion and Reinvention-- Jamal Joseph

What's a Commie Ever Done to Black People? A Korean War Memoir of Fighting in the U.S. Army's Last All Negro Unit-- Curtis James Morrow
Dog Soldiers-- Robert Stone
Death Zones and Darling Spies: Seven Years of Vietnam War Reporting-- Beverly Deepe Keever
Notes: on the making of Apocalypse Now-- Eleanor Coppola

Winners and losers-- Gloria Emerson (pictured above along with New York Times reporter Sydney Schanberg)
Witness to War-- Charles Clements, M.D.
The Military Half: An Account of Destruction in Quang Ngai and Quang Tin-- Jonathan Schell
The New Legions-- Donald Duncan
A Subaltern on the Somme-- Mark VII (Max Plowman)
Catch-22-- Joseph Heller

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life-- William Finnegan
Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs-- John Lydon with Keith and Kent Zimmerman
Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back-- Shel Silverstein *
Reckless: My Life As A Pretender-- Chrissie Hynde

I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp: An Autobiography-- Richard Hell
POPism: The Warhol Sixties-- Andy Warhol and Pat Hackett
When Workers Organized at Wesleyan University-- Alexandra Ricks
Deadly Class Volume 1: Reagan Youth-- Rick Remender (writer)/ Wes Craig (artist)/ Lee Loughridge (colorist)
Deadly Class Volume 2: Kids of the Black Hole-- Rick Remender (writer)/ Wes Craig (artist)/ Lee Loughridge (colorist)
Tattoo Machine: Tall Tales, True Stories, and My Life In Ink-- Jeff Johnson
There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom-- Louis Sachar *

A Wild Stab For It: This is Game Eight from Russia-- Dave Bidini with photos by Brian Pickell
The Yellow Arrow-- Victor Pelevin
Cut off behind enemy lines in the Battle of the Bulge with two small children, Ernest Hemingway, and other assorted misanthropes-- Bill Davidson
Survival in Auschwitz: The Nazi Assault on Humanity-- Primo Levi
The Reawakening-- Primo Levi

* Indicates a book I read out loud to my students

For a data analysis of the books I read this year, click here.

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