Sunday, May 28, 2017

Match Report: Vancouver Whitecaps 0 - DC United 1

  • Goals scored: Neagle 61' (penalty)
  • What happened: Vancouver dominated the match almost from start to finish-- they hit the crossbar and goalpost multiple times but could not score. DC were awarded a questionable penalty early in the second half and scored. Vancouver were awarded a penalty late in second half stoppage time-- Cristian Techera's kick hit the post.
  • Who sang the national anthems: A child
  • Players in today's match that I recognized because they used to play for the Seattle Sounders: Fredy Montero and Sebastian Le Toux (Update-- According to my friend Michael, DC United goalscorer Lamar Neagle is a native of Federal Way, WA and former Sounder as well. Additionally, Michael says that his wife of many years has always had a crush on Neagle.)
  • Question I had while watching the match: How do the Tyranno-Vision screen and Roof Opening Apparatus (pictured below) not fall down on to the field and crush the players?

  • Other question I had while watching the match: How does one get a job on the Stretcher Crew (pictured below-- the four guys in white vests)? 

  • Final questions I had while watching the match: Why did they water the pitch at halftime if it is artificial? Or was the truck that drove around spreading sand instead?
  • How we got tickets: Free from friends
  • Where the teams were in the MLS standings coming into the match: Vancouver-- mid-table in the Western Conference; DC United-- bottom of the the Eastern Conference
  • Things the Vancouver fans did not like: The officiating, especially after Neagle converted the penalty kick for DC United (video below)

  •  Things that disappointed the Vancouver fans: Techera missing the potentially equalizing penalty kick in stoppage time (video below)

  • What this match teaches us: They still play the Vancouver Whitecaps Anthem before games.

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